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Managing Director

Company: TGG Accounting
Location: Petersburg
Posted on: September 21, 2023

Job Description:

ABOUT TGG - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
TGG specializes in establishing and operating accounting processes and producing high-quality financial information for small and mid-sized businesses. - TGG provides timely, actionable information to management teams through detailed measurement, reporting and analysis of financial metrics and results. - By managing through numbers and metrics, companies are able to maximize income, understand their cash position, and improve visibility into the future performance of the business.
Accurate accounting combined with timely, insightful reporting is the cornerstone of TGG's financial management practices. - TGG has implemented an objective set of best practices and measurable quality standards coined The TGG Way---. - High-quality accounting and financial management allows management teams to maximize their effectiveness in leading organizations, creating a sustainable competitive advantage compared to organizations with lower-quality financial management.
TGG works well with businesses that have existing internal accounting staff, and those that have no internal accounting staff. - We focus on supporting and training either accounting structure to provide highly effective results through a team of four levels (which is generalized as CFO, Controller, Accounting Manager, and Staff Accountant). - Each level serves a specific purpose with individual level duties further described at the conclusion of this proposal.
Benefits of a Four-Person TGG Team:
Increased Accuracy: The team is able to review one another's work and minimize mistakes. - There is always an experienced manager to provide guidance and oversight. - Organizations with a four-level team benefit from CFO-level quality results while executing primarily at staff-level costs.
Improved Efficiency and Timeliness: Team members are able to work concurrently, dividing labor to meet tight deadlines when needed. -
Cost Reduction: Work is done at the appropriate level and can be delegated to lower levels over time as staff are trained to take on increasing levels of responsibility.
Scalability: As your business grows, a four-person accounting and finance team is able to scale and adjust hours to fit the changing needs of the business. The team structure also allows the ability to increase production for special projects as needed (year-end, audits, budgeting).
Internal Controls: A full accounting department provides segregation of duties and oversight by multiple people, ensuring that work is done at the appropriate level, while significantly reducing the opportunity for fraud.
Loyalty: Strong TGG teammates are loyal to the Mission and Vision of TGG, their fellow teammates, our clients, and the TGG Way.
Integrity: Do what you say you will do when you say you will do it. - Engage in difficult conversations before those conversations become too difficult to have. - Strive for intellectual integrity in solving problems and rising to challenges. - Always!
Forward Thinking - Growth Mindset: This TGG value is exemplified by people who want to understand why and/or how something works. - Rather than doing something the way it has always been done, a person with intellectual curiosity will seek to understand, learn, and then be excited about challenging the old way and looking for new ways to enhance the situation. A TGG teammate does not dwell on the problem but finds a solution. We want teammates that look at all options, from the view of an accountant, from the view of the business owner, from the point of view of how do I solve the problem and move things forward to achieve goals. -
Team Player/Caring/Selfless: We love team players. - Real teammates understand that being a part of a team means that most of the time is spent supporting others and that success is collective, not individual. - These people believe that the best solution is one where they win because the team is winning. - They understand that the most important priority is to show care while helping others and the team succeed.
Strong Work Ethic: We partner with people that believe you earn outcomes and opportunities; nothing is given but everything can be earned. - (I love how Andrew phrased this)
Positive Energy/People that have fun/Smile/Laugh: This cannot be a stand-alone value because it is about a magnetic personality. - We want people that exhibit these values and qualities to be a magnet for others. - -
Freedom and Accountability: We empower employees with a ton of freedom and track a few outcomes and have few processes/rules. - The processes/rules we have need to be followed, and the ideal TGG teammate loves freedom because it allows them the opportunity to solve problems in a creative and flexible manner. - An ideal TGG teammate also loves accountability because it is an opportunity to humbly receive recognition for accomplishing goals (I'm not sure about this final sentence but don't have a great recommendation. - I think top performers, especially accountants, love accountability because it provides clarity, serves as a rising tide to raise all boats and reinforces the strength of the entire team).
MIT - Most Important Thing:
The Managing Director's responsibility is to build a successful team through both client/employee retention and growth while maintaining an appropriate gross profit margin. The MD is to show leadership throughout the team and support the team and its clients. Follow TGG Way.
KPI's - Key Performance Indicator:

  • Overall, Team Gross Profit of 45% or greater
  • Underutilization under 8%
  • Credit Memo Management - under 4%
  • Revenue per billable day 1.75% MoM growth

    Job Descriptions by Outcome:
    Communication Outcome:

    • Be the Bridge between the Executive Team and your Team through Communication and Initiatives

      Management Outcome:

      • Focus on Client and Employee retention by building relationships and maintaining team GP


        • Track missed submissions

          • Missed time entry
          • Team attendance in company required meetings

          • Review Revenue

            • Check IRIS email and MD Tools in IRIS
            • Pull reports in Bizinta for further detail on billable vs. admin hours


              • Track missed submissions

                • 15Five

                • Review Team 15Five Pulse and Workload

                  • If anyone is a "3" and under, check with their Direct Managers to see why and if you can be of assistance
                  • If someone is at a "9" or "10" on their Workload rate, first check their utilization in the Staffing section of IRIS to look at their trailing billable hours and Total hours to gather the data before reaching out to them. Once you do determine if the Workload is consistent on whether they need to push work down or get removed from a client or project

                  • Manage Team TGGU Attendance
                  • Weekly Check-ins with CFOs
                  • Attend Weekly MD Meetings

                    • Provide OKR updates

                    • Lead Weekly Team Meetings

                      • Provide team with insight on team goals, initiatives, and areas to improve

                      • Lead Weekly Staffing Meetings
                      • Send Weekly Updates to team Controllers and CFOs
                      • Review team utilization

                        • Look for opportunities to move team members
                        • Reach out to team members or Direct Managers on why over/under utilization

                        • Weekly check-ins with Admin

                          • Focus on company initiatives
                          • Provide admin with team feedback, when necessary


                            • Review GP reports

                              • Target 45%

                              • Track and Analyze:

                                • Credit Memos
                                • Utilization
                                • Revenue Retention
                                • Bill Rates
                                • Cost
                                • Client Disengagements

                                • Review team monthly project plans

                                  • Compare project plans to team cost

                                  • Assist TGGU with team facilitators for trainings
                                  • Hire & Interview candidates
                                  • See through Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)

                                    • Review draft of PIP before it is sent to the employee
                                    • Attend weekly progress reviews
                                    • Attend final review
                                    • See through termination with HR
                                    • Review exit interview
                                    • Notify the rest of the team when it is appropriate. Terminations are very sensitive and require discretion, but if it interferes with finishing a project for a client notify the team as soon as you can.

                                    • Monthly Check-in with individual team members and manager


                                      • Quarterly Review of individual team members with manager and HR
                                      • Review and Approve Promotions
                                      • Review Team bill rates with Controllers and CFOs
                                      • Provide Executive Team with quarterly updates and future goals
                                      • Client Lead Check-Ins
                                      • Client Check-Ins
                                      • Forecasting Team Revenue and GP for future quarters


                                        • Provide CFO with Annual Budget
                                        • Review Weekly Updates through implementation

                                          • 30-day check-in
                                          • 90-day check-in
                                          • 180-day check-in
                                          • Continual relationship building with clients as another trusted advisory at TGG

                                          • Serve as Direct Manager to CFOs to hold them accountable for client satisfaction and Controllers accountable for team management.


Keywords: TGG Accounting, Richmond , Managing Director, Executive , Petersburg, Virginia

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